My Vision

Music turns your meeting

​         INTO AN EVENT!

SERVICE - My goal is to make choosing the band the least stressful part of your event. I will not hound you, make cold calls, or beg you to hire me. I will not try to "upgrade" your package to increase my profit. You will get what you pay for and you will pay for what you want, not what I wanted to sell you. My prices and minimums do not change if I think you are wealthy. I do NOT charge "time and a half" for overtime. Overtime is the same hourly rate as the rest of the event. And I work with you both before and throughout the event to try and prevent unnecessary overtime. If you are making a wedding, I want you to enjoy it, not to agonize over the extra money it will cost. I want you to be so happy with both the music and the service at the end of the event that not only will you hire me again, you will rave about me to your friends.

SOUND - The phone number above is not just an advertising gimmick. It is a reality. If you can not talk to your neighbor without raising your voice during the dinner music, you are at a concert - not a wedding. The music is kept respectfully in the background during the dinner: Loud enough to hear and quiet enough to enjoy. During the dancing, I turn it up so the dancers can really feel the music.

However, with the right sound system (which I use), it is possible to do this without causing ears to bleed. In general, I try to start low and turn it up as needed rather than the other way around. However, there is one disclaimer. Since the customer is always right, if the customer wants it louder (or quieter), it goes louder (or quieter). If your crowd likes the music loud you will get it loud - even if it means that I lose a job or two because a potential customer in the audience thinks it is too loud. And the same thing if you want it quieter. All I worry about at your affair, is your affair.

The human ear can hear very subtle differences in volumes, and the brain often interprets "louder" as "better". This is why there often is an inverse relationship between the quality of the one-man band and the volume. My music is so good that I sound good without being loud. I also have multiple sound systems that are designed for different types of events. I will always provide the proper equipment for the specific event.

I recently wrote an article about the "Volume" issue, in order to better educate the public about the issues and the solutions. Click here to open the article. You will need the ability to read PDF files.

Music can enhance an event of any size. I have played events from an anniversary party in a home with 20 guests, to a wedding in a massive four star hotel with over one thousand guests, to a black tie fund raising dinner.

SONG SELECTION - So now that my full band has the flexibility to change songs at the speed of my one-man band, (see the Info page) let's talk about what songs I will be choosing. There are two extremes, and anywhere in between them. Either you can decide every song you want played (or do not want played) at your event, or you can rely on my over 25 years of experience to choose the right songs for you and your guests. Or, any combination of the two.

While the "style" of song that gets played is determined by what you want for your event, during the dancing the actual song choice is often determined by what is happening on the dance floor. And I do not just mean Kaytzad Merakdim for when the Kallah comes in to the middle. Just as the dancers feel the music, the musicians feel the dancers. And the song selection is often a direct result of that relationship. I do not have a "book" with static dance sets that I use for all weddings, as not only is every wedding different, but the choice of the next song depends on how the dancers responded to the previous song.

I can play a wide variety of styles, but my bread and butter is the Chassidic music - i.e. Carlebach, MBD, Avraham Fried, Benny Friedman, Yaakov Shwekey, Baruch Levine, Ari Goldwag, etc.
I can play an entire wedding of only Chabad Nigunim.
I can play many other styles (i.e. Israeli, classical, show tunes, pop, big band, swing, and others) upon request.
I can lead the kids in games (at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah)..